Field Methods in Rock Art class at Eagle Nest Canyon.

Recording rock art.

A view from above: cutting-edge technology in action at Lewis Canyon.

Rock art at Halo Shelter.

Operating a Total Data Station at Field School.

Students hard at work in Shumla’s library.

Students explore the Lower Pecos.

Rock art at the White Shaman Site.

Shumla in the News

KSAT Channel 12 came to Shumla to learn about how we use technology to preserve and study the oldest ‘books’ in North America. Watch the news report.

Lower Pecos Archaeology

We set an international standard for rock art site documentation and make discoveries that are rewriting the history of the Lower Pecos region. Take a 3D tour of the Panther Cave rock art panel.


The Shumla Endowed Research Professorship at Texas State University.

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